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HOTease hookup Service

HOTease hookup Service - Calgary's "all around" best hookup Service
QUICK STATS: Measurements: 36C-24-36 / Weight:  / Height: 5´5"
Hair:  / Eyes: 
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Primary City/Country: Calgary, Canada
Availability: open 7 days a week from 10 am- 2 am


We have quickly became calgary's #1 hookup agency. We provide great customer service and ensure our customers are always satisfied. We employ only the best of the best. We choose intelligent, clean , talented, ladies. We have ladies for every type from more refined shy beauties to more outgoing types as well. Give us a call and we'll be sure to find you what your looking for!

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Description Amount
30 Mins $200
1 Hour $260
2 Girls, 1 Hour $500
1 Hour Stag or Private Event $150
Times Viewed: 1144
Times Emailed : 4
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