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Mika: Sophisticated Japanese

Mika: Sophisticated Japanese - From charming conversation to the darkest desires
QUICK STATS: Measurements: 35C-22-35 / Weight: 100lbs / Height: 5´2"
Hair: Black / Eyes: Brown
Website URL:
Contact info:
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Primary City/Country: Vancouver, Canada
Availability: Pre-arrange evening date at least three weeks in advance, dependent upon screening process, including medical screening.


When I was younger, i often thought about what it might be like to be a paid hookup, but in the tradition of the "floating world" of 18th and 19th century Edo period Japan, when geishas and women expert in music, conversation, and the art of love entertained rich and powerful men.

As a student, many older gentlemen of means asked if I was available for services as an hookup. That was how I entered this hobby.

If you are looking for Intelligence, charm and taste and would be proud to be accompanied for an evening by a beautiful Japanese woman in fashionable evening dress, then please politely inquire. Any "extra" services that might occur later at night, in the privacy of a room at a five star luxury hotel, will be discretely arranged beforehand. I will be happy to inform you about the most pleasurable practices of the historical period of Edo's "Floating World," and will be interested in having a conversation that matches your wishes and desires to the best of what was learned during those times about the erotic arts. The exploration of pleasure knew few bounds in Edo-period Japan, and the darkest desires mingled with the highest aesthetic tastes possible.

My time is not about simple sex, but creating a unique experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. All my education and instruction has trained me to be a rare and unique companion to be valued for how i can help a man feel that he is the wittiest, most intelligent, charming, handsome and accomplished lover in all the world, even as he unleashes his darkest, secret desires on my body. There are many service providers who will provide short term sexual relief. The value of your time with me will be measured by the long years you will remember again and again the pleasures we share together.

Please understand that I go on very few dates, and arrangements must be made well in advance with an extensive screening process.

Dinner and Drinks

Mika will accompany you for a romantic evening at a luxurious restaurant of your choosing. Relax with the ease of conversation and laughter--Mika's wit, charm and intelligence will make you feel loved and appreciated...

A suggested donation of $1500 for 3 hours or $2500 for full evening of conversation and drinks.

In addition, Mika has prepared a series of private after dinner entertainment experiences which are designed to introduce patrons to the erotic and exotic world of Edo era Japan's highly trained and educated courtesans. Honorarium for these informative and unique sessions range from $1500 for the basic entertainment package to $2000-$5,000 for the three Special Entertainment Packages.

After Dinner Private Entertainment:

In the "Floating World" of the Edo Period of Japan, courtesans trained in the arts of music, song, and dance entertained privileged clients. Their knowledge of the arts extended to an in-depth understanding of well kept secret erotic techniques. Servicing the needs of men was their highest attainment, and geishas achieved perfection in distilling the essence of womanhood as embodied in the pleasuring of men.

Throughout the evening in the most subtle ways, Mika will learn about your individual temperament and needs, and you will be surprised that by the end of dinner you will feel that she understands you in a way that few other women do. This is just a prelude to after dinner companionship that will be tailored to your desires, shaped by Mika's application of time honoured techniques in the erotic arts.

For several hours of after dinner entertainment, the standard honorarium is between $1500-2500 for 1 to 2 hours of companionship, depending upon a mutually arranged schedule beforehand.

"The Floating World"

What began as pleasure quarters floating in boats in historical Japan became a metaphor for sexual exploration and the highest aesthetic pursuits of pleasure. The finest gentleman and the most talented artisans and artists flourished with the most highly trained courtesans. Beauty and erotic desire achieved an unparalleled sophistication.

Some of the most common techniques of the "Floating World" are described below, but they are only a short list of the pleasurable arts in which Mika has been trained.

Japanese Hand Massage

Mika will sensuously reveal her lithe body, teasing your eyes as she slowly reveals her most intimate and private parts. Once fully revealed to your hungry gaze, her talented hands will unclothe you, pamper and bathe you until you are ready for a Japanese hand massage. Her tiny Japanese fingers will rub your body and release tensions until you are relaxed and your swollen shaft ready for the satisfying eruption of a warm white shower...

Full Body Asian Oil Massage

After Mika sensuously unclothes both herself and you, she will bathe and pamper you before covering your body with warm scented oil. Using every part of her body, from her firm breasts to the intimate soft flesh of her swollen lips, she will give you a full body massage, releasing the throbbing desire she enflames in you with the rhythmic rubbing of her hands and breasts...

Intimate Performance

Mika teasingly unclothes herself and uses her fingers and other objects to pleasure herself while you watch. As prelude or as the final act of the evening, this intimate sharing of this most private of acts reveals a treasured glimpse into Mika innermost sanctum...


Mika's talented mouth will play your engorged flute using all the skills learned from years of practice on the famous Japanese shakuhachi. Her delicate tongue and soft lips will bring you to the heights of erotic pleasure...
(*Note that this is a safe sex technique and CBJ unless prior arrangements are made)


Special Entertainment Packages

There are four levels of experience available beyond the basic after dinner entertainment described above. *Please note however that the following all require advance reservation, in particular BBBJ, CIM, GS, Greek, and S/M

1. Edo Geisha Experience

This is a special experience resonant with the historical Edo Period of Japan. Watch as Mika transforms from the sexy Western-style dress worn at dinner to the beautiful traditional Japanese yukata or kimono. Relax as the rhythms of a leisurely exploration of erotic pleasures unfold. All of the arts in which Mika has been trained are at your whim, and you will be mesmerized by her voice and the subtle movements of her body. Desire is heightened, creating sexual pleasures that will go beyond any that you have ever experienced.

Some of what you might request include:

Shakuhachi with White Shower

Mika's amazing lips and tongue will lick your bare uncovered flesh, swallowing your firm shaft deep into her warm mouth and throat. Coating your hardness with a slick wetness, the delightful friction of her ministrations will coax convulsive spurts of your pleasure onto her face and into her open mouth. Watching her delicately clean and swallow every drop of the precious gifts you have delivered may well be more sexually rewarding than even the exciting climax you have just enjoyed...

Dog and Horse

Mika unleashes the animal inside both of you, opening her legs to welcome you deep inside. You will have to push hard to stretch her tiny flower, and hearing her moans of pain and passion will unleash the animal instinct within you. Very quickly, you will be pumping in and out of the tightness of her wet warmth in every position. Mika may ride you in the horse position allowing you to relax and enjoy every movement as she slides up and down on your swollen pole, but she may also invite you to pound her mercilessly from behind like an aggressive dog subduing his prey, penetrating her delicate softness until her eyes roll unfocused and without sight...

Her body is yours to use. You will feel the raw excitement of seeing and hearing Mika lose herself to pleasure as your sweat covered bodies mate with animal lust. The feeling of being pounded into submission by your swollen manhood will push Mika out of control, until she loses herself in the pleasure of your virility and hardness. Then pull the condom off and spray your sperm all over her face and body. Cum into her mouth, or on her firm breasts, or anywhere you want. Watch as she obscenely rubs your pearlescent seed into her beautiful skin and licks her fingers clean...

2. Floating World Water Pleasures

These forbidden and taboo erotic pleasures are Japanese specialties, perfected in the Floating World's pleasure quarters, and still crudely imitated today. Allow Mika to introduce you to the authentic water pleasures of the Floating World and you will be surprised at what you have not even known you were missing...

White and Golden Shower

The ultimate in sexual degradation and debasement. This can accentuate and heighten other experiences, and enjoyed at its own a leisurely pace is ideal for reawakening you to hardness after you are spent. As Mika waits obediently on her knees in front of you, spray her face and open mouth with a golden shower. Make her open her mouth wide as the golden liquid fills her mouth and then command her to swallow. Force Mika to lick you clean and as you harden in response to her humiliation and the magic of her tongue, shower her face with your sticky white sperm. Scoop it off her face with your fingers and feed it to her. Watch her suck the sticky white cum you shot into her soaked hair. Take your time as you enjoy her humiliation. Tell her in a harsh voice to relieve herself on the floor and for her to get on her hands and knees and lap up it all up like a dirty dog...

The Japanese invented so many techniques of water play, from bukkake to many forms of cum play and golden shower sports. You will be thrilled by the chance to experience them with a Japanese woman who takes genuine pleasure in them...

2. Japanese Bondage Pleasure

Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage)

Learn the pleasure of the painstaking erotic techniques of Japanese Rope Bondage. Mika will patiently explain the techniques and help you master the simplest of knots and rope patterns until you will be able to tie her and use her for your pleasure. Here you will experience the inimitable erotic desires unleashed by dominating a truly submissive Japanese woman. After Mika is properly tied, you can use her as you wish to achieve the highest heights of pleasure...

Hazukashi (anal)

The privilege of entering Mika's most intimate and private opening is to be treasured. Mika rarely allows any man into her most carefully guarded sanctuary. Mika is delicate, so her rear entry must be slowly coaxed open, gradually taking one finger, then two, more and more until she can accept your swollen shaft. The pain will make her cry and scream, and she will be so embarrassed that this dirty, private place that should be hidden in the dark is being touched, but the shameful pleasure of being filled and stretched by your manhood will be visible in her face and audible in her moans, and the pain and pleasure you see and hear will enrich the incomparable and indescribable tightness that grips you. Enjoy multiple entries into her tight flower--Mika will lick off the intimate residue of her rear entrance that coats your manhood after you withdraw each time, allowing you a respite before you experience the paradise of her tight back door again. Your own delicate rear opening will also become a source of pleasure, as Mika climbs beneath and behind you to administer a thorough titillation of your anus with her talented tongue. Do not be surprised if you cannot resist climaxing almost immediately, but it will be the most powerful orgasm you will ever feel. Mika knows no shame when your pleasure is served. Not only will Mika clean your dirtiest regions with her soft lips and tongue, but after you climax deep inside her bowels she will clean with her warm mouth every drop of the milky gravy that coats your softening flesh.

3. Japanese Extreme Sex

Not for the faint of heart, and yet every man deep inside may find a dark spot where anger and aggression released in the proper way can create the most extreme sexual pleasures. Let Mika be your guide to accessing the darkest desires in the hearts of men, to be cruel and violent in the pursuit of sexual desire. In the luxurious hotel room after dinner, when Mika sheds her sexy black evening dress, she transforms from the intelligent, charming, sophisticated woman whose conversational skills enticed laughter and wonder. Naked, horny, releasing a primal desire and lust that she cannot control, she begs to be fucked and abused. Can you Master her? Can you control the Japanese cumslut that takes over her body? Use her, punish her, tie her up and slap her face until the saliva sprays and drools from her slack mouth. Spank her until she cries, whip her until red lines of pain lash her upturned ass. Hold her head as you pump your hard cock deep into her throat. Fuck her face until she gags. Call her the dirtiest, most disdainful names as you drop red hot wax on her most intimate private parts. Hold her ankles up high above your head as you spread her legs obscenely and pound mercilessly into her cunt and asshole. Make sure you slap her face and breasts and spit on her with derision as you continue to fuck her raw. Cum anywhere you want--on the floor, on her feet, in a shooter glass--and make her swallow every drop like the cumslut whore she is. Invite your friends to take part in a 3p, 4p, or a bukkake session or group golden shower. Filming is encouraged, with editing by Mika so that you can cherish and relive your unique experience forever...

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Description Amount
Dinner and Conversation 1500
Private Entertainment 1500
Massage and PSE 2500
Deluxe GFE (2hr) 1500-2500
Japanese Extreme Fetish *add 3000
Times Viewed: 7344
Times Emailed : 59
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