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Sandy Blacksmith

Sandy Blacksmith - Black has never been so beautiful
QUICK STATS: Measurements: 36D-29-38 / Weight: 135lbs / Height: 5´7"
Hair: Brown / Eyes: Brown
Website URL:
Contact info:
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Primary City/Country: British Columbia, Canada
Availability: Please email me as my availability Varies


I am new here and thank you for giving a moment to introduce myself to you. I have worked in the white collar world for many years and I have a hidden secret. I have always wanted to be a bad girl. You know the type of girl who makes men smile and not because she landed a new deal. I have always been what people would call a good girl. Instead, I want to crawl across the floor to you. I want to hold your hand and share a laugh. I want to curl up with you with in a blanket with a bottle of wine, some fine peppered cheese.

I am intelligent and have often downplayed my looks as" brains before beauty" was my motto. Now I have nothing else to prove to myself in the brains department. I realize now there is nothing better than slipping into a classy black dress and curling my long hair. Then having my nails painted pink, sliding them into dainty heels and smiling with you.

I am in public and in private both kind and warm hearted. I have found that there is nothing more arousing to me than to look deeply into a gentleman's eyes and seeing that sparkle. I am a normal lady who can keep up with you on a mountain trail or sit beside you and enjoy Madama Butterfly.

I can promise that when you spend time with me you will feel appreciated and more than welcome. Please view my services page for more information. Also feel free to email me with your questions.


Sandy Blacksmith

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