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What drupal modules does hookup Me use?

It may be apparent to some people, but hookup Me runs on an open source php cms called Drupal.

One of the most basic ways that the community likes you to give back, is to list the modules you use and even go into details on how you use them. I won't be going into great detail on each module though sorry.

Below is a list of the important modules used on hookup Me.

Drupal Administration Menu
Front Page
Google Analytics
Javascript Aggregator
Login Destination
Node Clone
- One note on this module, hookup Me sponsored the ability to clone nodes with cck image fields.
Meta Tags
Scheduled Actions
Taxonomy Theme
- I've had to modify this module as it doesn't play nicely with Login Destination. Waiting on official patched version.
XML Sitemap

There are a variety of other modules which build on these, certain CCK field types, modules to limit node creation, modules to remember you so you only have to login once etc.

If you're familiar with Drupal, then you should know what the majority of these modules do. Each either provides some front end appearance or functionality to the users, or modules like JS Aggrgator and XML Sitemap for example provide backend functionality which the user shouldn't be aware of but help make the site work better.

If you have any questions of the modules or how hookup Me uses them, feel free to ask.