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Nicole Kelly

Nicole Kelly - Personal Companion
QUICK STATS: Measurements: 34C-25-35 / Weight:  / Height: 5´9"
Hair: Brunette / Eyes: Brown
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Contact info:
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Primary City/Country: San Francisco, USA


I feel truly fortunate to reside in this City by the Bay, San Francisco, and strive to take full advantage of its many charms. In fact, I’d say I’m the unofficial PR rep for the city. Great restaurants abound, from nouveau comfort food to haute cuisine, and suggesting an enticing spot to enjoy dinner together would be my pleasure. Live theater is certainly a favorite diversion for me and I’m always up-to-date on the local scene, but I am also fond of simply chatting about current events over a glass of wine, one on one, in a quiet lounge.
I’m passionate about travel and have stamps on every page of my passport… although there are still so many places I dream of seeing! I have lived and studied in Spain and traveled extensively throughout Europe and Latin America. I speak Spanish very fluently and have resolved to learn new languages this year. I also love SCUBA diving, reading in bed and soaking up the sun (so elusive in this town).College-educated, I currently hold a full time professional position; that’s right, I have a day job. I love the dichotomy this entails; I think it makes our rendezvous all the more illicit and hence, that much more delicious.
As for physical attributes that may not be immediately visible from the photos on this site, I’m very curvy yet slender and tall, about 5’9”. I’m in my late twenties. I have no tattoos or body piercings and am completely “natural.” My ancestry is fairly exotic and is reflected in my olive complexion and dark eyes. I stay in shape by regularly practicing dance, yoga, and the requisite gym visits.
Guilty pleasures include taking inordinately long baths, watching “Law & Order” marathons, and reading my horoscope online in the morning.
Personal Concierge
If you are visiting, I would be glad to show you the sights, recommend a great restaurant, or simply meet you one-on-one to get acquainted in an intimate setting. If you are a local, and tread the same hilly topography as I do daily, you're more than likely acquainted with some of the readily accessible charms of our town. Uncovering hidden gems together, indoors or al fresco, would be a pleasure.

Anticipation is one of the most gratifying elements of a liaison. Though our choice of entertainment may vary, there are certain consistent qualities you can expect from me. I tend to dress on the conservative side of sexy. I maintain a well groomed appearance by shunning gaudy make-up and loud perfume. I make every effort to be courteous and punctual. I believe that mutual respect paves the way to a seamlessly enjoyable evening, free from distractions. After all, a hassle-free encounter is probably one of your main motivations in contacting me. I choose to spend my time with a select few so that I may focus on offering a genuinely intimate experience.

Whether we decide to first please our palates in one of the City’s many innovative dining destinations, or simply get to know each other over a glass of Shiraz, is entirely up to you. Let’s just agree to steer clear of Fisherman’s Wharf!

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