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hookup Advertising Information

Standard hookup Ad

- $50 per month for 1 of Platinum, Gold or Silver listings. Includes 1 city listing.
- $20 per month for each addition category of Platinum, Gold or Silver.
- $20 per month for top 10 placement in your categories.
- $10 per month for each additional city in the sites region.

Each category of our Standard hookup Ads have a general set of requirements for you to be listed in. You can be listed in only one or all three, depending on the services you offer to your clients. For additional information please contact us.

Standard hookup Ad Discounts

- 10% off when you prepay for 6 months.
- 25% off when you prepay for 1 year.

Featured hookup Ad - Listed on front page.

- $100 per month
- $550 per 6 months
- $1000 per 12 months

The featured hookup Ad requires you to have a standard hookup ad. Your hookup Ad will be viewed first, and by everybody who visits the website.

Hidden Gem hookup Ads

- FREE to the right ladies.

Hidden Gems are a non-paid section of the site, these ladies are either new to the industry or very part time. They have not yet established personal websites. Their services are varied, as they are still trying to estabilish their niche in companionship world. Some of these ladies may be tomorrows courtesans. If you think you fit into this category, please contact us to be listed here.

hookup Banner Ads

Banners are visible on ALL pages of the site. From the front page, to specific pages, and will click through to your main website.

Large Square Banner - 200 x 200

- $200 per 1 month
- $1000 per 6 months
- $1800 per 1 year

Large square banner on the left which will link directly to your website. Most frequently hit banner and most desirable location. 1 spot visable at all times. Rotates with up to 5 other banners.

Long Standard Banner - 468 x 60

- $100 per 1 month
- $550 per 6 months
- $1000 per 1 year

Long banner (displayed at the top centre). 3 display in random order. Maximum of 10 banners in rotation at any given time. Links directly to your personal website.

Small Side Banner - 160 x 90

- $150 per 1 month
- $800 per 6 months
- $1500 per 1 year

Small banner on right side with eight spots available. Banners will rotate randomly, but all are visible at all times.



For the serious companion who wants to ensure maximum exposure of her advertising, and are bombarded with it!
- main listing in whichever categories are applicable
- front page featured advert
- large square banner linking back to your site - shown on every page
- long banner displayed at the top of every page
- small banner viewable constantly on each page

- $1000 for 1 month
- $5000 for 1 year

Agency Packages

Package 1

- $250 for 1 month
- $1200 for 6 months
- $2000 for 1 year

List up to 5 girls with each profile linking back to your website. Your phone number will be listed on each profile, as well as ability for gentlemen to email you right through our site.

160x90 banner for your agency which rotates throughout all of your provinces site pages.

Package 2

- $150 for 1 month
- $600 for 6 months
- $1000 for 1 year

General advert for your agency (set up like regular adverts for independents)

Banner which is only visible in the agency section

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