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Jay - Watz N It 4 Me?????
QUICK STATS: Measurements: 34C-26-33 / Weight: 117lbs / Height: 5´7"
Hair: dark brown/w burgundy / Eyes: dark brown
Website URL:
Contact info:

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Primary City/Country: New York, USA
Availability: anytime


Hey out there. I hope ur ready for good days ahead. My name is Jay. I'm 5'7 at 117lbs. Yes, a Slim Goody. And if ur good to me, I'll be good for you. I have a positive head on my shoulders and I like to entertain. I am an upcoming inspiring actress, been singing all my life, and would like to put a little dance into my acts every now and then. U can say that I'm a Jack of all trades. I'm very willing and take challenges on very well.
Games are not of my stature, so when it comes down to anything I do or say, I'm very serious about it.

U wanna be loved for a moment, I can love you.
U wanna be teased for a while, I can do that too.
U like tongue rings I have one,and very skillful with it.
U wanna feel a breeze, I'm your airconditioner.
I very discreet and content and I'll never make you feel like it has to be over soon. Because it doesn't.

U don't like clothes, I don't either. And if you like to be fed, I'll feed you.

Get in contact with me some kind of how if ur interested in seeing these words come to life. I'm more of a " BE ALL ABOUT IT" Kinda Girl.

I WILL Make U feel like you want too.

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