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Emmie Olsen

Emmie Olsen - Emmie Olsen - Sweet, Passionate, Delectable
QUICK STATS: Measurements: 38C-28-38 / Weight: 130lbs / Height: 5´7"
Hair: Blonde / Eyes: Blue
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Primary City/Country: Montreal, Canada


Hi, I am Emmie Olsen.

My beautiful fair skin, long gold-spun hair and dreamy sky-blue eyes will mesmerize you and put you at ease to explore your most intimate desires. I possess a natural, womanly body, for those who like curves in all the right places. My heritage is Western European and I have traveled throughout Europe. I am a recent university graduate and have a broad appreciation for the arts. While I am English-Canadian, I am fully bilingual.

I am available for duo appointments with my good friend Charlotte Sinclair. We enjoy each others company very much and would love to have you join us.

Please include your name, number and the desired date and time. New clients should have a reference from another provider. Thank you.


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