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Unorthodox Coquette

Unorthodox Coquette - Old-World Courtesan in Olympia WA
QUICK STATS: Measurements: 36D-25-36 / Weight: 135lbs / Height: 5´7"
Hair: Amber / Eyes: Grey
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Primary City/Country: Seattle, USA


Where does Seduction begin? Is it the first glance, the first email, or right here, right now with these words and visuals? My vote is for the here and now!

One of my favorite ponderings: "Am I immorally ethical, or ethically immoral; am I immoral in my ethics, or ethical in my immorality..." Go ahead, delight me with your giving of "good brain" -- "good brain" is something I find oh so very sexy; although pretension is, well, less than savory.

A little about me: My most cherished personal possession is my intimacy -- and to share it I must be a vision of perfection in my partner's eyes - and all my many flaws need to comprise as much of that perfection as any socially contrived, idealistically perfect feature ever could.

That being said, I have left my twenty-something years gleefully behind. I am a post-graduate, bi-continental, grey-eyed, amber-blonde with a hardy sense of humor (although I cannot stand B.S. and tire easily of coy behaviors). I admit to being overzealous and a self-demanding overachiever; notorious for fastidiously multi-tasking a bulk of weighty projects; abhor leaving a project unfinished; reject procrastination; and refuse to waste precious resources toiling against idiots, imbeciles, or morons. In others, I loath traits which infer shoddy, coy, procrastination, boorishness (is that even a word?) and narcissism. I stand tall at 5'7" (plus my usual 4" stilettos) and find myself eagerly traversing life's balance beam between youth and maturity with a face and body that attest I am younger than my worldly traits beseech. A truly cultured, refined Woman, of polished, striking beauty, endowed with a lust instilling 36D-25-36 exotic coke-bottle shape, all gift-wrapped in a warm affectionate disposition. Seductive, warm-hearted and generously loving, I am an intense, magnanimous and gregarious, quirky extroverted type A personality; a real take-charge sort, blessed with a sex-appeal aura comparable to the timeless starlets of yesteryear - a blend of the sultry Sophia Loren, tinged with the sex-kitten Raquel Welch, smeared in the Stupify'n Jones persona of Julie Newmar. All "Woman," in manner, thought, and sexuality (*OK, just plain eccentric in thought and decadent debauchery in sexuality*). You could say I "stand-out" (*or is that I am "out-standing"*), but in a magnetic, compulsive way ( ne sais quoi...).

I am in that place in life where everything has all come together, and now seek to add that something oh so sinfully gratifying - and, well, a bit taboo (in certain puritan circles) [giggling] -- but of a torrid epicurean manner...

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